Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sold on Mambo

Old enough for the music but too old for the crowd maybe. That pretty much sums it up partying at Mambo.
No lao hero antics involved except for Mr Ivan Mambo Lambado King.
Interesting scenery though!
Only a handful joined us for Mambo night courtesy of My Ivan Mambo Lambado King.
Trina and pals joined later.
Gary was boring as usual. Trina was shrieking.

Yes Trina, I'll help you find that BF for you.
Meanwhile you try here first. *Snigger*

Ivan and I were tryin to master the art of Hand Signals & Signs.
Ivan Mambo Guide for you below. I think you learn through Vids first la. Later then do practical...
Oh Btw,
I got this off the latest News
"Mr Kim was conspicuously absent from a parade to mark the 60th anniversary of the communist state yesterday.
A US intelligence official said the reclusive leader may have suffered a stroke."
I swear Ivan and I saw him. There was this dude that looked exactly like him, with white tailored pants, silk retro long sleeve shirt. Freakin Hilarious

Example: Belinda Carlisle's Summer Rain
Step #1 Chorus: 'Oh my love, it's you...' Your move: Bring both hands together to form a 'heart' over your left bosom, then use your right hand to point at 'you'.
Step #2 Chorus: 'that I dream of...' Your move: Bring your right hand up and point to your right temple.
Step #3 Chorus: 'Oh my love, since that day...' Your move: Bring both hands together to form a 'heart' over your left bosom, then raise your right hand upwards, palm facing up.
Step #4 Chorus: 'somewhere in my heart, I'm always...' Your move: Bring your hands together and make a heart shape over your left bosom, then clap twice in rhythm with 'always'.
Step #5 Chorus: 'dancing with you in the summer rain...' Your move: With both hands half-raised and your index finger and thumb pinched together, make little circles as you twirl your hands around for 'dancing'. When the chorus goes 'summer rain', stretch out your hands and make little ripples with your fingers as if simulating a shower of rain.

Too Many Broken Hearts

Knn... New songs Like Mercy also have

Monday, July 07, 2008


Wax Lyrical by Kev

Chasing a girl you like in hopes she will be your girlfriend. compared to..
Chasing a girl you love in hopes she will be your girlfriend again.

1. When you buy or do for her stuff, you buy or do in hopes of scoring points & impressing
2. When you buy or do for her stuff, you buy or do so because it makes her happy

1. When you send her home, you do it in order to give you more personal time with her
2. When you send her home, you do it so that she goes home in comfort and won't need to rush with the other sweaty millions during rush hr.

1. You buy the girl "something" because she told you she liked it the other day
2. You buy the girl "Something" because you never forget what she likes.

1. You use the same shampoo or bath foam as her in hopes that she notices it one day and says "Hey thats the same shampoo I use too!"
2. You use the same shampo or bath foam as her coz you have come to like what she likes

1. When you sms her if she has eaten her dinner or lunch, you do so to show concern and score points
2. When you sms her if she has eaten her dinner or lunch, you do so because you are concern but feel stupid afterwards (If you don't understand why, then you have never been in scenario 2)

1. You want to get into her pants because she's something new for you
2. You want to get into her pants because the same intimacy you took for granted was also the intimacy you never realised you needed until its gone for good.

1. You listen to her everyday grumbles because you want to show you are her listening ear.
2. You listen to her everyday grumbles because you really want to listen and hanker to know what's going on in her life.

1. You pray to god hoping to make her see and realise you
2. You pray to god hoping she would love you all over again

1. Your concerns for her are dotted with motives
2. Your concerns for her are sincere

1. Everything you do with her is something new
2. Everything you do with her is something old but feels like something new again.

1. You side with her in everything when she grumbles even when she's wrong
2. You point out when she's wrong in her grumbles because you want her to better herself

1. Showing concern for her in front of friends is easy peasy.
2. Showing concern for her in front of friends is awkward.

I think being in scenario 1 or 2 doesn;t make a difference in the attention we seek.
We're just like a puppy looking for attention, and when we get it, it just puts an extra bounce in our step.
I guess nobody wants to be in scenario 2. People may say,
You are chasing a unicorn
You are clinging on to something which is not there
You are going to end up more hurt then ever
At the end of the day, you choose your own path and make your own decisions.
You must deem what is worth it and truly believe in what is worth it.
I know that she's worth it...

For She Whom I Love

This kinda things are for memories, but I decided to put up a picture for insight.

Did this for a girl I love and for a girl who is worth doing it for.
I guess somehow although I hoped something for this night, I didn't expect it.
On retrospective, I guess I didn't do it for expectations. It was more of doing something for someone who was well worth it whether the outcome.
I didn't need the pity, I didn't need the awwwws *pat* *pat*, I didn't need the "it was a good try".
All I needed was her to be proud for what I did for her and remember it for what it was worth.

I kinda regretted not getting a picture of us releasing hundreds of balloons into the starry sky but I guess these kinda memories are etched in our hearts that not even a kodak moment could share. When we are in relationships, we may find such stuff lame, but please try it...the feeling of 2 people being happy is something which is well worth the lameness. The simple idea of releasing balloons in the sky, there is a rush of feelings by just one action.

Cost of Balloons - Not worth it

Cost of Small Room - Not worth it

Cost of Flowers - Not worth it

Making that Somebody Special - Priceless


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Kingdom which will never be

The kingdom runs with the kings and knights...or so they say.
Truth slaps the face and thats a horrible horrible load of crap.
The kingdom is never run without the princesses and queens.

The kingdom becomes a lonely hall with noting to fight for.
The queens and princesses provoke the improvements, the fights, the love, the arguements never the kings and knights.
An empty shell , an empty hollow..

I decided to leave an entry today as I read 3 entries back on what I did.
I touched someone 2 years back. She cried, she fumbled in talking.
I didn't need it but i was happy.
2 years have passed and the tears have been of sadness. I hate myself...
I'm a moron...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


WOW! I'm touched....You really came.
I love you and please do not feel conned.
I promise I'm gonna start updating my blog k!!
Thanks for supporting my cheap marketing tatics. :)

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Friday, May 05, 2006

My First Rally!

Tonight, I've just been to my first political Rally in 25years
I find politics so interesting that it makes u want to have a say out there.
Funny to say, the first political rally I've gone to is an Opposition Party Rally.
PAPs all around but somehow everybody tells me to go for the opposition ones.
Super eye opener I must say...Once every 5 years...More kan cheong then World Cup
See the passion,the jibes, see the cheers in unison, see the jeers in unison, hear the scathing remarks, hear the fuuny lines they dish out, I think it was worth every moment of it.
What does make u wonder is.....out of the tens of thousands of ppl out there cheering for the rallying many will actually vote for them...The truth shall be told soon enuff I guess.
I think we have come of age, the rally was filled with young ppl like me. When I was younger, I thought only the older folks, the taxi drivers, the kaypoh uncles n aunties would go for rallies. Nowadays....the number of young ppl u see at the rallies...we want a voice.
This will always be a memory to treasure.
Here are some pics of the rally...Check out the MASSIVE CROWD!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gosh...I'm Rice....

I'm A RICE BOY BABY SO WHY DUN U KILL ME (Sing to Becks- Loser)

In the midst of real sports cars mine is a joke,rice in my veins, my front tires go up in smokewith the plastic headlight covers, spray paint the tail lights,bass kickin' with the latest rap and dance vibes,flash the headlights and rev it in neutral,another import car with a Rice Boy at the cruise control,I'm out of touch with what a real sports car should be,got lots of decals, took out the back seat,so I'm hanging, waxing the paint (it's Zaino. Word.)have to brag aboutmy new K&N cone filter. my fat tires scrape the curb,but don't believe everything that you see,My car's been lowered, but it wasn't done professionallyshave a few tenths off the quarter with some hotter sparkI'm saving my money, adding in neon for cruising after dark.Yo! Cut it
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects me,Coffee can exhaust!
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects me, Type R Hyundai Sonata!
Spent too much money on this import sports impostahtechno dance blaring my bass is throbbin'ride's got six pairs of amps and some funky kanji,hand on the carbon fiber shift knob, hope that new Camaro don't see me,Got the ugly bright paint job, chrome rims, twin six inch white racing stripesand four ion blue colored Pia daytime running lightsbut nothing looks as good as my spoiler and my two foot rear wingbuilt my own custom sub box but it barely fits in the back of this tiny thingI can't drive it fast and I can't accelerate,traded the Civic for the Integra,big Vtech and Type R decals make it look greatbut my ride is still a piece of crap, I rev it to eight grand,my exhaust sounds like a wet fart that's blown through a coffee can
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects megettin' crazy with the decals
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects medrive by hydraulic bounce
yo bring it on down
(em stcepser ydobon tub ybab ,yobeciR a m'I, ebannaw resop a m'I ,oS)
I'm a driver, I'm a winnerthings are gonna' change I can feel it
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects meI think I'll polish my intake
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects mePut some nitrous on the KIA
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects meVtech emblem adds five horsepower, word.
So, I'm a poser wannabe, I'm a Rice Boy, baby but nobody respects meHyundai builds the best sports cars. You know what I'm sayin'

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gosh! I'm such a boring ole chap nowadays

Its been some time since I've updated my blog. HEY! Dun fuckin' blame me, Its not that I'm lazy oright ! Its just that life is noting to blog about (pun intended).
Has life become such a pace where U think noting but work & work& ways n means to earn the Benjamins. Best part, direction of life some sort of becomes pre planned for u.
Is this what I've asked for? Hmmmmzz I'm unsure myself, but its a business I've plonked myself in and theres only one way, and thats to stay up.
Exams r approaching and goodness me....with my job now....I find it so hard to even concentrate on studies. Looks like a 4 yr course as planned haha. U get back, U look at the books u start to fall into deep slumber, then comes pick me up drugs like 24 and Lost, 24 or POA? LOST or Marketting? The decision is never hard to make... :D
But I guess work has been good, never have I worked in such a fast paced enviroment be4. Never have I complained that working hours is not enuff to finish my work.
Dang... I guess when U are enjoying or busy...time rushes past u in a flash.

I so look forward to weekends nowadays. Just Fun party Relax! Just held a surprise bday party for my girl last sat, it was a success so to speak. Thanks to the great brood for helpin out.
Kev 2- Secret Admirer mah ass Zero/
The girl was touched to tears, I didn't need that, but I felt gratitude and that was all I needed to make my day. Come to recall that day....I wonder if she refused to come out of the car to help me carry car parts...what would I have done?! hahaha
Also...wondering if Beng's coming down with diabetes anytime soon, after I gave my bro a gulp of Pure Syrup hur hur.
Crapz....the MJ Bug is gettin to me again....I wonder if that makes me a gamble ghost? Hmmmz Can;t be...Ivan refuses to admit he's if he ain;t one...I can;t be one too...
It takes 2 hands to clap as they say and 8 hands to pah why shld I be the Gamble Ghost when the others 6 hands aren.;t! hahahahhahaha

Oh did I tell you, There's a new group in town. Apparently a subset of the group links to a subset of our group. So....I guess there are gonna be more frens to make. Happy be for david and the windz club. :D
They are out having dinner now....I was invited by Jas to go do some sleuth work....but much as the extent I would go to gather blending materials...I've gotta go home to study...
I think I piss Kuey Sop and Red Bull nowadays.... I've been running my body on these liquids ever since !